Khamis, 21 Ogos 2014

Solo Exhibition: Retrospection & Prodigy, MADA Gallery, Caulfield, Australia

By Mohd Khairi Baharom

This exhibition comprises the practical component of my studio research.

This research project investigate my childhood memory. The notion of play as expressed in self-made toys and their relationship to sculptural practice. The studio research component has been engaged in modelling and constructing object-based ceramic work that form a group of hand-built artwork incorporating various materials in the process. This process derives from personal engagement with select childhood memory as a basis of investigation alongside ceramic history and tradition. The concepts underpinning studio production, use flora and Malay culture - as a starting point for a series of sculpture that reference the organic in a controlled and animated condition as well as pursuing technical advances.

The exhibition date : 14 - 23 April 2014
Venue: MADA Gallery, Monash Art Design & Architecture, Caulfield, Australia

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